Preparation for sale (carve-out)

As an entrepreneur you can influence the business value. There are several elements within your company that influence value and must be in order to respond to changes. What can be done to increase the value and price of your business?

RD+P works with you on the preparation of a successful sale of your company or part of your company or carve-out. RD+P guides the entire process based on a self-developed step-by-step plan - the Value Driver framework - and delivers the following outcomes:

  • Insights into your business and environment
  • Indicative valuation report of the present value using DCF method
  • Value Drivers are uncovered with the help of value trees
  • Roadmap containing the desired value, deal breakers and list of potential buyers
  • Balanced Score Card in which goals and KPIs are recorded per key Value Driver
  • Value creation initiatives are identified and prioritized using an impact-effort analysis
  • Plan of action for value improvement

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