Professional Quality and Accreditations 



The NIRV is the Dutch Institute for Register Valuators. After completing a postgraduate Master in Business Valuation, corporate finance professionals who practice the profession of Business Valuator in a professional manner can register themselves in the register. Business valuation is a profession in its own right. Our valuation experts are Register Valuator (RV) and affiliated with the NIRV.  


RD+P is a member of the DCFA, the Dutch association for experienced financial professionals. With more than 200 individual members, the DCFA is the largest association in its field and aims to share knowledge and create a network for managers and entrepreneurs from the corporate financial sector. 


RD+P is connected to Dealsuite, a private online platform that enables corporate finance advisors, investment companies and corporate M&A to exchange real-time buying and selling propositions with each other.


RD+P is a member of Brookz, the largest acquisition platform in the Netherlands. Brookz is a fully independent and 100% independent platform and works together with more than 90% of all merger and acquisition offices in the Netherlands.


RD+P is a member of M&A, the platform for professionals working in acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Private Equity and Venture Capital.