Valuation of a staffing company in the healthcare sector

Ali Osanmaz is founder and owner of Optimum AA, an accountancy and administration office for SMEs based in Utrecht.

Osanmaz: "One of my customers, a staffing agency in healthcare, has asked me to make a valuation of his company because he intends to emigrate.

After a quotation process with several valuers, I awarded the assignment to Rick Denekamp of RD+P because he came across as knowledgeable, reliable and clear and thought along with the needs of the customer and accountant.

What I like is that Rick says what he does, and does what he says!
Rick came up with a well-substantiated valuation within the agreed period with which the tax specialist was able to submit the protective assessment to the tax authorities.

In preparing the valuation report, we also worked very well together, leaving room for me to provide added value for my client."

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