Business Valuation of Catering Witteveen B.V.

Jeroen Witteveen is CEO of foodservice company Catering Witteveen B.V. After taking over the catering company from his parents, his wife Ellen and Jeroen started already preparing for a sale in 2016. 

Witteveen: "I asked Rick Denekamp of RD+P at the beginning of 2020 to make a company valuation to see how we are doing now and to adjust where necessary.

However, due to Covid-19, most of the turnover fell from the end of March. Despite this difficult situation, Rick was able to make a good valuation of the company on the basis of an honest and clear diagnosis of the current organization, in particular the insight into the costs, development and value drivers of the organization was valuable for determining the right strategy.

Based on the increased insight into costs and benefits, a survival strategy was determined to cope with the Corona pandemic."

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