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Jurgen Spies, co-shareholder and CFO of FMI Holding B.V.

FMI Holding B.V. is an industrial company with over 400 employees that supplies systems, modules and components for high-tech, industrial and medical OEMs.

Acquisition of Metrical Metaalwerking B.V.

I am co-owner of FMI, an industrial company that has grown strongly in recent years, both through organic growth and through the application of a buy-and-build strategy.

Since this year I have been working to my full satisfaction with Rick Denekamp of RD+P. Agreements are clear and are met, the consultation is pleasant and the work delivered is of a good standard.

Rick recently made a very valuable contribution to the acquisition of Metrical Metaalwerking B.V., a production company for core bits for diamond drill, located in Halsteren (NB). As is often the case, the seller and buyer differed in opinion about the purchase price of the shares.

With the help of Rick's appreciation and input for the negotiations, it turned out to be possible to reach an agreement where both parties were satisfied with the end result.


Ali Osanmaz, shareholder and CEO of Optimum Administratie & Advies B.V.

You can contact Optimum AA for tax advice, information and the administration of your company.

Valuation of an staffing company in the healthcare sector

One of my customers has asked me to make a valuation of his company because he intends to emigrate.

After a quotation process with several valuers, I awarded the assignment to Rick Denekamp of RD+P because he came across as knowledgeable, reliable and clear and thought along with the needs of the customer and accountant.

What I like is that Rick says what he does, and does what he says!

Rick came up with a well-substantiated valuation within the agreed period with which the tax specialist was able to submit the protective assessment to the tax authorities.

In preparing the valuation report, we also worked very well together, leaving room for me to provide added value for my client.

Jeroen Witteveen, co-shareholder and general manager of Catering Witteveen B.V.

Catering Witteveen is a nationally operating catering company.

Valuation of Catering Witteveen B.V.

After taking over the catering company from my parents, my wife Ellen and I started preparing for a sale in 2016. I asked Rick Denekamp of RD+P at the beginning of 2020 to make a company valuation to see how we are doing now and to adjust where necessary.

However, due to Covid-19, most of the turnover fell from the end of March. Despite this difficult situation, Rick was able to make a good valuation of the company on the basis of an honest and clear diagnosis of the current organization, in particular the insight into the costs, development and value drivers of the organization was valuable for determining the right strategy.

Based on the increased insight into costs and benefits, a survival strategy was determined to cope with the Corona pandemic.

M&A transactions

Over the past more than 20 years, RD+P's advisors have completed more than 200 transactions in the role of acquisition advisor, business valuator, deal principal, sector banker, industry or financing specialist. Below is an overview of the transactions we are proud of.

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