Real estate finance

Not long ago, all real estate in the Netherlands was financed by a few large banks. During the financial crisis, however, additional financiers were added at a rapid pace. Financing commercial real estate has become an industry of its own, with numerous providers who all have their own specialism.

Do you want to finance commercial real estate for business purposes, but your annual figures are too variable, is your collateral insufficient or do you operate in a market that is unknown to the bank? Then there is a good chance that the bank will not offer financing. Fortunately, it is becoming easier to finance business real estate outside the bank. The main disadvantage of bank-free real estate financing is that real estate financiers generally charge a higher interest rate.

However, the vast majority of commercial real estate is still financed by banks. Large companies finance almost all their business premises and other real estate through their main bank. However, funding applications take a long time and the process is often tedious and tedious. The specialists at RD+P know their way around the financing landscape, know exactly what is needed to organize financing and have a network of investors. We are happy to assist you with a quick and effective realization of your real estate project.

If the bank is not an option, investors and other alternative providers can finance real estate. Various funds and platforms invest in real estate. The (net) return is sometimes lower than alternatives, but there is a lot of security and the collateral is relatively stable in value, making it a popular investment opportunity.

In recent years, RD+P has successfully financed dozens of real estate projects. This experience enables us to properly assess the feasibility of a project and to organize appropriate project development financing.

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