Acquisition Finance

Planning to take over a company? Before you come to an agreement with the seller, it is good to think about financing. Are you going to finance the purchase from your own resources or do you need debt capital? If you need debt capital, there are several options. You can mix these if you want.

Taking over a company is an intensive process. If you, as an entrepreneur, want to take over a company, it is advisable to engage specialists. This way you can continue to concentrate on your specialism; to undertake. For the takeover of a company, in addition to own capital contribution, there is usually a need for external financing, a so-called takeover financing.

RD+P has assisted many entrepreneurs in the takeover of a company. It is possible to finance a business takeover based on a sound plan.

We organize takeover financing at the best conditions. In addition to a bank loan, there are also other options for financing a business takeover, such as crowdfunding, informal investing or leasing. In some cases, the seller is willing to provide a subordinated loan, so that part of the purchase price remains indebted. As a financial director, we combine different types of capital into an optimal financing mix with which your company takeover can be realized.

Financing a company takeover is a specialism. The negotiation with the bank, the possibility of an earn-out arrangement and the combination of alternative forms of financing require expertise, experience and a large network. You will be completely unburdened in the financing process.

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