Business Valuation in conflict situations

RD+P specializes in valuing companies in a variety of dispute situations. When determining the value, we ensure correct process management, a transparent way of working and a thorough substantiation of the principles. You will receive a thorough valuation that will survive complex damage disputes, arbitrations and lawsuits.

Business disputes

If one major shareholder wants to buy out another due to a dispute, it is important that the value of the part of the company to be transferred is determined impartially. RD+P then provides an independent valuation. In the event of a conflict between two companies (for example due to a breach of contract), the valuer is also engaged to determine the extent of the economic damage.

Even in the event of an impending bankruptcy, a business valuation is an important starting point to determine whether it is still worthwhile to continue. Can debts be restructured to give the company a chance to survive? RD+P supports entrepreneurs and lawyers by making a valuation based on a scenario after remediation and a valuation based on the liquidation value. This makes it clear to creditors in which scenario they are better off and could bring the company and creditors closer to an agreement.

Damage calculations

Suppose you experience damage because a supplier or customer does not keep the agreements made. In that case, you will incur damage and it is up to the judge to determine that it concerns a breach of contract or an unlawful act. RD+P prepares a damage calculation for negotiations or for legal proceedings.


In the event of a divorce, a company can form part of the estate to be divided. The value of the company can play a role in this distribution and it is therefore important that the value is determined accurately. RD+P acts in divorce cases for one of the divorcing parties. Usually in close collaboration with a lawyer or mediator. Sometimes as a party advisor, but often as an independent expert. For this we have the right knowledge and experience in-house. We are also involved in mediation processes.

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