About RD+P

Rick Denekamp + Partners (RD+P) is an independent strategic financial consultancy firm working both domestically and internationally. 

RD+P is specialised in managing investments  for medium-sized (family) companies. Over the past 20 years, RD+P has built up expertise in multiple sectors and a track record of more than 200 transactions. 

We support companies with the following services: 

Business valuation

A valuation is the starting point of any business transfer or takeover process. In addition, a valuation can be important in conflict situations.

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Value creation

On the basis of its Value Driver Framework, RD+P can draw up a plan to further develop the potential and create additional value.

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RD+P guides the purchase or sale of a company. From orientation and selection to valuation, negotiations and completion of the transaction.

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Debt Advisory

With its many years of experience as a banker, RD+P can add value by supporting companies in finding the right funding mix.

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Why doing business with RD+P

In everything we do, we distinguish ourselves on the following three 'Unique Selling Points':

  • Transparent: We stand for clear communication and formulation of what we can expect from each other. Transparent, direct and honest. We say what we do and do what we say.
  • Groundbreaking: We are groundbreaking when it comes to creativity, tenacity and dedication. We listen to what our customers have to say. Everyone is unique and we therefore only supplies tailor-made solutions. We make use of our own developed Value Driver Framework; this reflects our “Outside-in” approach, structured way of thinking and stimulates the creative thinking process.
  • Together: Depending on what is needed, we work together with partners. The quality of our solutions is guaranteed through co-creation and collaboration; together we achieve more than alone.


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